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Our speakers for 2021

Sound of Smoke

Since 2016 Sound of Smoke from Freiburg are playing an independent mix of Stoner-, Psychedelic-, and Bluesrock. With her deep and warm soul-voice Isabelle Bapté forms the distinctive and individual sound of the Band. Isabelle Bapté (vocals, keys), Jens Stöver (guitar), Florian Kiefer (bass), Johannes Braunstein (drums).


Gottfried Haufe

Who is Gottfried Haufe?

He is arguably one of the most exciting verbal acrobats from Freiburg at the moment. Whether in an audio book, as a speaker on stage or, as in his latest project, as an animation expert for Playmobil figures: We could listen to him and his partly philosophical, partly funny ideas for hours.

Ein kosmischer Gedanke

In his talk at TEDxFreiburg entitled “Ein kosmischer Gedanke”, he asks questions which we may have an answer to tomorrow. And aliens already have today.

What is his favourite TED Talk?

It is “3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do” by Stacey Abrams, presented at TEDWomen 2018


Anne Denk

Who is Anne Denk?

Anne Denk is a psychotherapist, trauma expert and certified EMDR therapist. An activity that is of increasing importance in times when one in six students has a mental illness and Corona limits our lives. Psychology and personal development is her passion and she spends a lot of her time deepening her knowledge and developing herself.

Dealing with emotions in the modern world

The challenges of the future such as social peace or climate change can only be mastered through collective cooperation. Her talk is intended to answer how we can use results from trauma therapy and neurobiology research to develop emotional resilience and resources so we can create more tolerant future together.

What is her favourite TED Talk?

It is “The power of vulnerability” from Bréne Brown, which she presented in June 2010 at TEDxHouston.


Josef Schneider

Who is Josef Schneider?

Josef Schneider is a tech fanatic, entrepreneur and CEO at Pyramid Computer GmbH, a leading manufacturer of IT solutions for the retail and hospitality sector from Freiburg. Both privately and professionally, he deals with the topics of digitisation and data security.

New normal – lost privacy?

Keeping our civilisation safe and care for our surrounding should currently be a common goal for everyone. But does this “new normal” have to imply lost privacy? Let’s have a look at what our digital and analogue privacy might look like after current pandemic.

What is his favourite TED Talk?

It is “On healing and forgiveness” from Dolph Lundgren, which he presented in September 2015 at the TEDxFullbrightSantaMonica.


Simon Sumbert

Who is Simon Sumbert?

Simon Sumbert is a student, activist and, at 22 years, the youngest member of Freiburg’s municipal council. Since his early school day, he has been involved in youth development and participation.

Jugend & Politik – warum Veränderung manchmal steckenbleibt

Young people have shown in recent years that they can dictate the political agenda. However, they themselves are often barely represented in parliaments and ministries. In his talk, he will explain the causes, possible actions and why everyone benefits from it.

What is his favourite TED Talk?

It is “The next outbreak? We’re not ready” from Bill Gates, which he presented in March 2015 at the official TED Conference in Vancouver.

https://www.instagram.com/simon.sumbert/ https://twitter.com/SimonSumbert

Maria-Xenia Hardt

Who is Maria-Xenia Hardt?

Maria-Xenia Hardt works as a freelance journalist, writer, stage host and creative strategist for ambitious projects and ideas. She has directed numerous theatre productions, completed a PhD thesis in Cultural Studies about heroes in the TV series “Doctor Who” and teaches at Freiburg University.

Why we need a culture of vaginas

Gender equality requires a change in culture. We have been playing by the rules dictated by the patriarchy way too long. These rules suck. We need new rules. We need a new culture: a culture of vaginas.

What is her favourite TED Talk?

It is “The power of vulnerability” from Brené Brown, which she presented in June 2020 at TEDxHouston.


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