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Speakers 2017

David Stumpp

David Stumpp is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and traveller. After his studies in politics, film and journalism, he worked in various media and production companies. Born as a spontaneous idea, he traveled with two friends to the french atlantic coast, taking it in turns to go without speech, hearing and sight. Their documentary was shown all over Germany. Today he is founder of a film distribution and production company and part of a team developing innovative products.
Drei von Sinnen

Bart Bouman

Bart Bouman is a German architecture student and entrepreneur. Working in various fields alongside his Master’s degree, his projects have been published in architecture and design magazines as well as media around the world. Together with his friend he founded a film production and distribution company in 2014, releasing the award-winning documentary “Drei von Sinnen”. It tells the extraordinary story of an adventurous journey they made themselves, and it was shown in cinemas all over Germany.

Bart Bouman

Raffael Bender

When he is not wrapped up in thoughts of the evolution of humankind and all the current events going on all around the globe, Raffael dances, produces music, shoots & direct his own films. His goal in life is to use the power of art as a tool to bring people closer together and to work hand in hand with them to organize communities to the better. Over the years Raffael danced in many different theater projects, shows, dance & music videos and together with the HipHop-Company „Juvenile Maze“ participated in several competitions & championships in Europe and the United States. Right now he dedicates one year living in sweden in a special kind of school digging even deeper in the world of dancing, to work on his music and the realization of his lifetime-project.

Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner is CEO and co-founder of Geospin, a Freiburg-based start-up focusing on geospatial deep learning. In 2016 he completed his Ph.D. at the Chair of Information Systems Research at the University of Freiburg and his work in the field of Big Data Analytics has received multiple international research awards. Before Sebastian founded his own company with four friends, he worked at Berkeley Lab in California as a software developer.

Werner Englert

Musician. Composer. Coach.
Werner Englert describes himself in three basic roles which build the framework for his countless activities. As saxophonist and composer, he effortlessly breaks boundaries and fluently masters all sorts of styles ranging from pop/funk to big band and world music. With seemingly limitless energy he inspires his students and workshop participants all over the globe and keeps engaging in major projects such as “DER SCHREI” with the SWR symphonic orchestra. Besides all that he is a charismatic speaker and coach. As recognition for his outstanding achievements Werner has won numerous prices including the “Bundes Verdienstkreuz am Bande”.
Werner Englert

Max Wittrock

Max Wittrock is co-founder of mymuesli, one of the most talked-about and fastest growing start-ups in Europe – they produce organic mueslis in zillions of variations. Originally a graduate from law school and trained journalist, he founded mymuesli with 2 friends in 2007. He talks about himself as a human, father, very passionate about coffee and loves photography.
Max Wittrock

Carolina Nunes

Carolina Nunes is a brazilian architect living in Germany, where she is German Chancellor Fellow developing a project about rivers and cities at the Technical University of Munich. She is investigating the integration of nature and public spaces in cities, through administrational expertise and civil society activities towards sustainable development.

Jannis Denecke

Jannis Denecke is coach and specialist for mobility training. He is also the co-founder of the mobility platform RESET. Through his extra-occupational studies of interdisciplinary health promotion (M.Sc.) at the University of Freiburg, he possesses in-depth knowledge in the fields of nutrition, operational health management and sport science. In his position as athletics coach in the German third handball league, he transfers this knowledge into practice by equally focusing on performance optimization and injury prevention.

Maurizio Gullo

“Robocop or Frankenstein?” – Exploring the boundaries between biology and technology is Maurizio’s passion. He is a scientist and loves it! Trained as applied physicist he further specialized in nanotechnology, self-assembly, dynamic system and bioengineering. On the fruitful grounds of University of Tokyo, EPFL and University of Freiburg, his ideas did sprout and develop into successful research projects. In particular, the prestigious European Marie-Curie award gave him the opportunity to investigate the limits of biomimetic microsystems.
Maurizio Gullo

Gabriele Semino

Gabriele Semino is the team leader of WARR Hyperloop, a student group at the Technical University of Munich that develops and builds prototypes with the goal of contributing to the future of mobility. In August 2017, his team won the second edition of the international SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, setting a new speed record in this contest.
WARR Hyperloop

Ariane Vera

Ariane Vera is winner of the European Song contest “Welcome To Europe” and released her first single this year. She has managed PR for various social businesses and start-ups, coached project-founders, and contributed to online magazines and platforms writing about entrepreneurship, sustainability and the empowerment of women in leadership positions. Her projects are directed towards advocating Young Women Leadership and balancing out gender-related inequalities worldwide.

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