The flowers are blooming, some birds are cheerfully exchanging stories about the beautiful weather, and we can already spend the first days outside in a T-shirt. The only problem? It’s still “corona time”.

We are still aware of the current pandemic situation and unfortunately realize – as we did last November – that we cannot greet, communicate or toast each other face to face. You surely know that, too, but this time, we have reached a different conclusion:

Get ready for TEDxFreiburg 2021 on April 18! Watch our interactive live stream with interesting tales of tomorrow, exciting possibilities to exchange and an exclusive digital goodie bag.

Your ticket for TEDxFreiburg 2021 is only one click away!
Yes, you read correctly. The next TEDxFreiburg event is only a couple of weeks away. We have already thought of some interesting features and will start the event on Sunday afternoon, April 18. More information will follow in the next couple of days on our social media channels and on our website, but some things are already ready to be announced:

  • TEDxFreiburg 2021 is only realized as an interactive livestream. We will start on April 18 at 5pm with an one hour DJ set and continue with our main event at 6pm. That means you can get nice and cozy in your living room and tune in with some homemade popcorn and a glass of your favorite beverage or even while having a nice barbecue.
  • We will stream the event in a professional video studio in Freiburg without any attendees in front of the stage. Only our team of volunteers as well as our speakers will be on site – and only with a previously negative Corona test.
  • Most of the speakers that are already announced will still present their TEDx Talks. But more about that in the next few days :).
  • We still stick to the “pay as much as you can” approach, starting at 5€ for a ticket.

Be sure to like us on social media to find out what led us to the decision to plan the next TEDxFreiburg event in April after all, what interactive gimmicks we have in mind and which interesting topics will await you. We are really looking forward to the event and would love to see each and every one of you – at least digitally.

Get your ticket for TEDxFreiburg 2021 here