No cinema, no theater, no TEDxFreiburg. We are also hit by the second Corona wave in Germany: The TEDxFreiburg Conference 2020 unfortunately has to be cancelled completely, even though it was planned as a livestream.

It is more than difficult for us to tell you that this year’s TEDxFreiburg event is completely cancelled. The reason for this is of course – what else – the Corona pandemic. Because the Corona infection figures in Germany and Europe are rising to new record levels. Despite the far-sighted planning to hold the TEDxFreiburg Conference 2020 without any live audience and only as a livestream, it must now be postponed. In order to realize a real-time transmission including interaction offers, many contributors have to be on site.

Last year still together on stage, now unfortunately completely cancelled: The TEDxFreiburg Conference 2020 has to be postponed until next year. 

TEDxFreiburg 2020 is postponed – we are showing solidarity!

We would have loved to offer you a piece of culture this year, but the health of all involved people is even more important to us. Therefore we as a team have come to the conclusion that the TEDxFreiburg conference will have to wait. Although we have been planning with a livestream since September, this concept is also not completely invulnerable – at least in regard to the current infection incidence all over Germany. After all, people have to come together to realize a livestream. In our case, even with the absolute minimum cast, this would still have been 30 participants. In addition, some of us come from different regions of Germany – from Berlin, Stuttgart or Cologne. An eight-hour train journey from Berlin is something we cannot and do not want to take responsibility for. Even our German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked us to avoid contacts wherever possible – we do not want to ignore this request and our social responsibility.

Everything was ready for this year – what is happening now?

As most of you know, there would have been only a few days left until our conference. The speakers were ready to go, the location was booked and tickets were sold. We will not be able to realize the event this year, but our work was definitely not for nothing. We will take the whole event under the motto “Tales of Tomorrow” and postpone it into the coming year. Even the speakers who were already scheduled for this year have assured us that they want to be on our stage next year. Surely Corona will not have disappeared in 2021 and will still keep us busy. However, we are aiming for a low-infection season in order to avoid a situation like the one we have now. If you have already bought your ticket, you will of course be reimbursed by us. Alternatively, you can continue to look forward to our event and simply keep your ticket for 2021. We will reach out to all buyers within the next few days. As always, we will keep you up to date here, on our social media channels and in our newsletter.