As we already told you, this year’s motto for the TEDxFreiburg conference is “Tales of Tomorrow”. Do your thoughts turn directly to what this could all be? We felt the same way! Read here what came into our minds.

Tales – There are many stories, but which ones await you at TEDxFreiburg 2020?

The term “tales” makes many think of fairy tales like the Bremen Town Musicians, Frau Holle or the Frog King. But just as we are not in Bremen, but in Freiburg, it should not be a fairy tale either.

Even though the Frog King is a truly magical story – fairy tales are not going to be told at TEDxFreiburg 2020.

With our motto, we rather aim at telling stories or also narratives. For us, reality is more in the foreground: narratives define themselves first of all as the reproduction of an event, while fairy tales – as you all know – are based on fantasy and mostly had the purpose of teaching children. However, we do not want to educate you with the raised forefinger, but rather with the forefinger pointing forward – and together with you, we want to take a look into the possible future. And do not worry: We don’t mean the fairytale idea of a crystal ball 😉

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – , on November 14, times will blur at TEDxFreiburg

So nobody will tell fortunes at our livestream conference on November 14, 2020. How do we come to promise you a glimpse into the future then? Very simple: stories that happened yesterday still shape us and our lives today, and stories that happen today will still influence us tomorrow. Thus, the stories we tell ourselves today about visions, innovations, possibilities and much more are possible parts of the future. Just as the invention of the light bulb was once a crazy idea of a tinkerer, it is still important to us in 2020. As incredible as it must have been for women in Germany for a long time to be allowed to vote, they do it as a matter of course today . Can you now understand why “Tales of Tomorrow” is a motto that absolutely fascinated us? It tastes a bit mystical, a bit innovative, and in any case incredibly exciting.

Well? Has a light risen to our motto? “Tales of Tomorrow” tells the stories that could, can, will be relevant for us tomorrow.

Talks on “Tales of Tomorrow” – you can be prepared for that

We will not reveal the speakers here and now. But as already mentioned: With “Tales Of Tomorrow” we want to have a look at the stories that will probably occupy us in the future. Stories that could shape our lives tomorrow. Accordingly, we are looking for talks that are visionary. That are different, that have unconventional approaches or even some that have been at our feet all the time and yet remained hidden. So many different ideas and thoughts fit under the umbrella of “Tales of Tomorrow” that we are curious ourselves which mix will come out at the end. We will surely not only touch technical topics, like the light bulb 2,0. Especially social topics, which concern our society particularly at present, should not be missing.

Have you become curious? – These are the next steps

Maybe some of you havealready read it: In 2020 we will have a livestream instead of a live event. Because of you-know-what, of course. But somehow this fits our motto for this year, at least we think so. You still need tickets, even if you will only take a seat in our virtual room. We are looking forward to you, the motto, the livestream, the talks, and the speakers – which we will introduce to you one by one soon!