Corona has also put a spoke in our wheel and our beloved conference will unfortunately not be able to take place as a live event in 2020. Instead, TEDxFreiburg will be streamed this year and will take place right in your living room. So: Off to the sofa, popcorn on your lap – Netflix and RTL2 are past, now we are coming.

Full halls like this one here at TEDxFreiburg 2019 will not be possible this year so let’s get together digitally!

What Corona does and how this influences us that was too vague for us!

As you all know for yourselves, the number of infections and thus the restrictions on public life are unsteady due to the Corona pandemic. We are particularly exposed to these changes in the event business. Until the very last moment, we thought about how realistic a live event is. You can believe us: We would have loved to welcome you in color and 3D to our conference in Freiburg on November 14th. But the risk that in the end only very few guests would actually be allowed to enter the event location or that the whole conference would be rained off was too large for us. Moreover, it is in our interest to protect the health of all of you. With a livestream, we can give everyone who wants to experience TEDxFreiburg this year the chance to be part of it regardless of what Corona does.

The livestream as chance for a completely new event experience
Ok, we admit it when we realized that TEDxFreiburg would have to be a livestream event, our heads were hanging down at short notice. But our minds quickly brightened after we decided to see an opportunity in the special situation. Following the motto “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” but with viruses, aerosols and livestreams our volunteer team got together in many intensive brainstorming sessions and was bubbling over with great ideas for you. Our big advantage is that we are a young, dynamic team and we also combine many digital skills. At some point it was clear: We accept the challenge to host TEDxFreiburg as a livestream this year!

Inspired by the new livestream feeling, we proudly branded our 2020 Corona emergency meeting directly with the X for TEDx.

How to imagine the livestream for the TEDxFreiburg conference 2020?

One thing is for sure: As usual, we have great speakers who will give their talks under our motto “Tales of Tomorrow”. Also, you won’t have to miss the following: Our two moderators Jan-Niklas Beck and Corinne Schwager, the goodie bags and the interactions between the talks. The only thing you can’t get this year from us is food and drink. But you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa or you can laugh, scream, stand up during a talk and work on your thoughts while running around in circles and gesticulating wildly. You can even clear your throat every five minutes and nobody will turn around in disgust. Whatever you always wanted to do during our conference this year it’s up to you. And best of all, you can enjoy all this together with your partner, friends, siblings or neighbors.

In 2020, we will bring the TEDxFreiburg event with a livestream to your home.

What happens next and when will the livestream tickets be available?

We will keep you informed on all our channels as soon as the livestream and its formats take shape. Contrary to the common assumption that a ‘digital doobry’ is automatically cheaper than a live event, we will not be able to offer a bargain event with a livestream. At the same time, we are aware that you are digital guests of our livestream edition for the first time and that it may be difficult to estimate what is waiting for you. Therefore, this year, we want to leave it up to you, as our guests, how much you can and want to pay. So you can decide for yourself what TEDxFreiburg 2020 is worth to you. The sale will start in the next few weeks stay tuned!