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Our speakers for 2019

Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Wladislaw Jachtchenko is an award-winning rhetoric expert, keynote speaker, podcaster and book author. He lectures, trains and coaches politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies since 2007. His main focus is on tools of professional rhetoric, persuasion techniques and skills for effective leadership. He focuses on 3 core competencies: listening better, asking better, arguing better.

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Podcast: argumentorik.podbean.com

Rym Nouioua

Rym Nouioua is an independent artist and wildlife ecologist based in Bremen, Germany. She studied forestry and environment (Bsc.) in Freiburg im Breisgau and lives now Bremen, where she studies Ecology (Msc.). In addition to her scientific studies she started to experience environmental issues in artistic contexts. Her ArtWorks are usually based on critical perspectives of natural conservation, climate and feminism. In 2018 she started her current project “batsound and beats”. In this project she examines the communication of bats by recording the ultrasonic sounds and presenting them into soundperformance. Hereby she tries to illustrate the interrelation of human and non-human and create points of contact of human and animal habitats.

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Norman Bücher

For more than 20 years Norman has been facing sporting challenges all over the world and leading worldwide expeditions. He is a passionate adventurer. For example he crossed the Atacama Desert in Chile on foot, walked 265 kilometres non-stop through the Kingdom of Bhutan, passed the Australian Outbacks and walked 600 kilometres alone through the Gobi Desert.

So far it was all about higher, faster and further. But running is much more than just an ego Thing for Norman. Running is his medium to meet people, to move and to change something. In 2018, after three years of preparation, he started his life project 7 CONTINENTS, in which he runs almost 20,000 km on all continents within seven years in order to give young people worldwide a voice.

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Dr. Alexander Supady

Alexander Supady works as a cardiolgst and intensive care specialist at Freiburg University’s Heart Center. Besides his clinical training he specialized in Global Health, holding a Master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard University. Together with Veit Cornelis, a trained social scientist, he founded the “Global Initiative on Health, Migration and Development” a think tank working on the development of ideas and concepts on humane migration management.


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Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert

Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert has been head of the department “Energy, Transportation, Environment” at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) since 2004 and Professor for Energy Economics and Sustainability at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin since 2009. Claudia is an energy and environmental economist and government advisor to the German Advisory Council on the Environment. She is the author of several books such as “Die andere Klima Zukunft”, “The Battle about Electricity” and “Das fossile Imperium schlägt zurück”. She studied economics at the universities of Bielefeld, Oldenburg and Stanford and is currently living in Oldenburg and Berlin.


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Philipp Schmieja

Philipp is fascinated by brain-behavior mechanisms, although he isn’t a neurologist. Working in personnel derpartment, he encounters the normative power of the factual in daily business. He has been witnessing in different companies with their regulatory errors and forces of inertia what it means to bow to the status quo, and how the psychological hidden messages of an organization affect himself. Philipp’s passion for social pain related behavior, people and travelling off the beaten track has fueled his desire to explore how the pressure to conform paralyzes our concept of work.

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Poetisch, politisch, polyphon: Zweierpasch gehen über Grenzen – sprachlich und geografisch. Mit ihrem rebellischen World HipHop tourt die preisgekrönte siebenköpfige Band um die Welt. Die Zwillingsbrüder Felix und Till rappen für friedlichen Widerstand, Toleranz und Verständigung. Zweierpasch sind seit November 2018 Träger des Adenauer-De-Gaulle Preises.


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Jan Heitmann

Jan Heitmann is Germany’s best known Poker-Expert.
After a successful career as a professional poker player that spanned 15 years, he now transfers his learnings to the business environment. In his talks and workshops he explains the strategies and concepts pro poker players use to make better decisions under uncertainty.
Poker is a beautiful model for decision making.


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Natacha Neumann

Natacha is passionate about food and healthy living. Having worked globally for healthcare brands, studied family nutrition and founded companies dedicated to encouraging children to eat better, she has made her passion also her life mission. She is founder and CEO of a popular children’s food brands in Germany, including Freche Freunde and Rebelicious, and advocates for healthy eating for children. Originally French, she lives in Berlin with her husband and 3 children.

frechefreunde.de, be-rebelicious.de

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